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February 28, 2013

The April 2013 Entry form is now available.

June 26, 2010

The July 2010 Entry List is now available.

May 13, 2010

The July 2010 Entry form is now available.

March 10, 2010

The April 2010 Entry form is now available.

July 6, 2009

Results for  the July 4-5 Races are now online

June 6, 2009

Havoc Motorsport  will be providing Hoosier Tire Service for the July 4-5 Hallett Race Weekend.

They will be accepting Pre-orders for tires until June 26th.

Please email  with your order.

Havoc Motorsport


September 7, 2008

AVRG regrets cancelling the Drivers School / Regional Race / PDX scheduled this coming weekend September 13-14 and offers our apologies to all of the participants and workers who had signed up for the events.

August 13, 2008

The September 13-14 2008 Entry form is now available.

YES, there is a PDX!!!

July 8, 2008

Results for the July 5-6  races are now online.

May 21, 2008

The July  2008 Entry form is now available.

March 9, 2008

The April 12-13 2008 Entry form is now available.

July 3, 2007

Results for the June 30-July 1 races are now online.

There were 6 track records broken or set on Sunday and 2 on Saturday. The 2 Saturday records (ITR & FE) were broken again on Sunday.

May 18, 2007

The June 30 - July 1 Entry form is available. The deadline for permanent numbers is June 21.

April 16, 2007

Results for the April 14-15 races are now online.

March 29, 2007

The April 14-15 Entry form deadline for permanent numbers is April 4.

March 14, 2007

April 14-15 Entry form available.  

January 24, 2007

2007 Schedule

August  6, 2006

The School/Regional/PDX was a good event. There appeared to be more workers than drivers, which allowed for
the race groups to be combined and allowed for a short day on Sunday when the temperature was unbearable.

July 10, 2006

PDX registration form is now available for the August 5-6 PDX

July 6, 2006

Registration forms are now available for the August 5-6 Driver School/Regional Race.

July 2, 2006

There were 153 entries at the July event.  Scott Bettinger reported there were many new workers at Hallett
and he would like to say, “Thank you” to those that made the July race. AVRG could use more workers and Scott would like to invite more Solo people to come out and assist us at the August race.

May 23, 2006

Registration forms are now available for the July 1-2 races.

June 21-22, 2005

The AVRG successfully conducted their Drivers School-Regional on June 21-22. Although the entries were somewhat down for the Regional and the School, we were able to entice 24 participants to the Performance Driving Experience. The Drivers School was led by Ron Wilcox who did an excellent job of putting together the instructors, the school program, and personal contact with the students. We received many compliments about the school from the students, and visiting officials. Scott Bettinger headed up the PDE also did an excellent job in putting together the PDE event. The AVRG Board will include the PDE again next year. Drivers winning their Regional events were Russ Neely, Connie Lamb, Jo Spain of the Oklahoma Region, David Guinn, David Leivian, Rob Roytas, Dave Gird of the Wichita Region, and Richard Stephens, Colt McCarthy and Brandon Koehn of the NeOkla Region. The next event the AVRG will conduct at Hallett will be the annual Firecracker races on the Fourth of July weekend. Plan on attending and bring a friend. As you all know we can use the help.

April 9-10, 2005

The AVRG conducted their first races of the season on April 9-10 at Hallett. We hosted 125 entries for the weekend who provided us with safe and competitive racing, Saturday winners from our Regions were Randy Wagner, Lynn Lamb, Charlie James, Rob Roytas, Mike Stephens, Ron Wilcox and Lee Walther. Sunday winners were Ben Bricker, Lynn Lamb, Charlie James, John Saucier, Joe Spain, Richard Stephens and David Wilcox. As has been the norm for us, we were short on workers, especially on Saturday. We are in need of additional corner workers, grid personnel and tech. We also need someone to assist and learn sound control. The upcoming School-Regional will be an excellent time to come out and learn about the specialty of your choice. It is critical to our Regions and Division to keep racing at Hallett and not lose it because of lack of help.

The next event will be May 21-22. We will conduct a Drivers School-Regional along with a Performance Driving Event. Instead of the entries being mailed out, we will mail a post card with website’s listed where an entrant can obtain the Supps and the entry, along with other necessary information. Dave Wilcox of the Wichita Region will be the Chief Instructor for the School, while Scott Bettinger of the Wichita Region will head up the PDE. If you want to assist give them a call. The PDE will offer ample track time, as well as a new driving experience for first timers. From what I have seen on other entries from around the Division, our entry fee is a real bargain.

You will notice a change at the next event for registration. The old shack by the main gate will formerly be retired. Registration will remain the same for Friday night, and will be moved to the tower for Saturday and Sunday. It will share space with hospitality which will eliminate the long walk for personnel who arrive late Friday night. You will still have to sign a waiver at the gate to enter, and then obtain your credentials at the tower. It should make things easier for our registration personnel, as well as workers and competitors.

Remember to put July 2-3 down on your calendars for the final event of the year. See you all at the races.

George Morrison